Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free Printable Calendars

Today at Target, I was looking at a really cute calendar for $9.00.  But trying to be cautious of my spending, I decided I didn't REALLY need it.  I knew I could create one on my own, or print one off the internet that would be just as nice. 
(Buying Tip: Don't hold the merchandise for longer than 30 seconds. Your brain makes you think that you really need it because you have created an emotional connection to it.)

So I was looking online and found these really cute calendars at MintPrintables.  I printed them out and punched two holes in the top two corners.  Then I took some coordinating ribbon and tied them together leaving a loop so that I could hang it on my cork board.

Here are some other great FREE printable calendar websites.
Free Printable Calendar


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