About Me

I have been married to my wonderful husband Nick for three years, but we have been together for twelve.  We recently had a little girl named Estelle Rose "Elle."  I love my new role, but there have been some challenging times.  This blog is my way of keeping my sanity!  I want to use this as a way to connect with mothers who have been where I am or who are going through it right now.  I am learning what it's like to be a stay at home mom and how to save our family the most money possible.  I have recently begun using coupons and am loving them.  I love giving advice and receiving it!  I was a 5th grade teacher for 3 years and also taught in preschool and kindergarten classrooms.  I love to craft, and Nick just made me a wonderful desk for my craft room!  I also love cooking and trying new recipes.  I hope you enjoy my site!

My Favorites