Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Share the Wealth Wednesday Link Party

Laugh, Love, & Craft
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Laugh, Love, & Craft
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Welcome to Share the Wealth Link Party! Thanks for visiting Laugh, Love, and Craft. I'd love for you to share your ideas on recipes, coupons, and crafts!  If you have been featured or are being featured this week, please grab my feature button!

Welcome Wreath
Cucumber Martini 
Duct Tape Purses

I know rules are scary but these are fairly easy!
~Grab my button or a link back here, and post it anywhere on your blog if you link up to my party. This way more people can join in the fun and it's polite! (If not, I won't be able to feature you on next weeks post!)
~Make sure to visit some of the other participant pages and leave some feedback. (I am a teacher at heart, and I know people LOVE comments!
Thanks, and party on!

Don't fret idea seekers! If you're not a blogger and are visiting for ideas, click on the thumbnails for some great tutorials!

The list will be open until Sunday.  So come back and link up your newest creations!

* Disclaimer: If you are participating in the Share the Wealth Wednesday Party, you are signing up to receive one email a week reminding you of the weekly party (usually on Tuesday evening).  Thanks for partying with me!*


  1. Thanks for hosting! Happy to be here!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my welcome wreath! And for hosting too!

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