House Hold Tips

Keeping our home running smoothly is something I am always working on.  When I find things that help me do this, I will share them with you!  

In the Kitchen...
~Keep Trash Bags under your trash bag full of garbage so you don't have to go to your 
  storage every time you take the garbage out.
~Don't throw out your orange/lemons rinds, put them in the garbage disposal to help it 
  smell fresh.
~Instead of buying surface cleaners, use a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. (I bought a 
  spray bottle from the dollar store and wrote water/vinegar solution on the side.  It kills 
  bacteria and removes the germ smell.  I use it on my hardwood floors, counter tops, glass 
  table, wood table, even in the bathroom mirror!

On the Carpets...
~If my carpets are smelling a little dingy (from the dogs), I sprinkle baking soda on the \
  carpets and let sit for 10-29 minutes. Then vacuum like normal and it soaks up the smell.

My Favorites