Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DIY Coasters

I had these coasters that matched with my plates, and while I thought they were pretty, I decided I wanted a change.  Here's a quick way to customize your own coasters with your favorite paper.

Coasters (Check the dollar store!)
Clear Spray Sealer

1.) Trace your coaster on the back of your paper, and cut out.

 2.) Glue the paper to the coaster.
 3.) Once the glue has somewhat dried, trim the edges off.
 4.) Add 3-4 coats of modpodge on the top of the paper, allowing the layers 15-20 minutes to dry before the next application.

5.)  Wait about an hour for the ModPodge to dry, and then spray with a clear sealer to protect the paper from drinks.

I was excited to see that the little bit of sparkles that were on the paper show threw the ModPodge!


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