Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Always Check and Double Check Your Coupons!!!!

I posted about my trip to Walmart yesterday, and while figuring out the price for each, I noticed that the cashier didn't take off $2.00 worth of coupons.  (even though she took them)  She was flustered because she was new and had never rung in a Similac coupon before.  So I called Walmart to see what they'd do.  To my surprise, they said come in and we'll take care of it.  So I went in and they gave me my $2.00 cash!  Always watch to make sure that your coupons are coming off.  There's always human/computer error.  Watch as the cashier scans/enters them to ensure you get your money back.  And always ask if you have a situation like I did.

Happy Couponing!

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