Friday, December 9, 2011

My First Christmas Stocking! Crazy Quilt Stocking

The past few months, I have been participating in a fabulous quilters group called the NCC Quilters.  Every week, at the North Side Christian Church, we get together to sew either what we are currently working on ourselves, or we do a workshop together.  These amazing women sew beautiful quilts for all of the new babies in the church.  I am so excited to start my first one after the new year.  
The past few weeks we made crazy quilt stockings to help raise money for their new children's center.  The top one is mine, and below are some of the others that were created.  The group created over 60 stockings! 
I must say, being somewhat of a novice of sewing, these stockings were not complicated.  If you'd like to see the instructions to create your own, please let me know by sending me an email.  I will pass them along to you.  

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