Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Drawstring Backpack

I created these backpacks as a gift for two of some of the favorite little guys I have in my life.  For Christmas, I am making them a fabulous fort kit!  I will post more on that soon!  Here's how to make one of these bad boys for your good little boys!  PS I got this fabulous tutorial from Momtastic.  I used a larger scale to make mine, as they will be for kindergarteners, not toddlers.

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Basic Sewing Materials
Two 15.5x 17.5 pieces of durable fabric (I used canvas)
Iron on sewable adhesive
Two 63'' pieces of cording
Letter outline

Start by cutting your fabric down to size.  (Always make sure you iron your fabric first so that it lays flat.)

 Next, take your outline, and trace it onto your felt.  This took me a few tries HA, don't cut your letter out yet!!!!
 Before cutting your letter out, iron the adhesive on the back.

 Once you have ironed the adhesive on, cut out the letter and iron it on to the front of one of your pieces of fabric.
 Now, carefully sew around the edge of the letter in a matching or contrasting thread. 
 BTW, this is the first time I've sewed around an object like this, just take your time and it will look just fine.  If this is the case for you, it's best to use a matching color thread!

Next, fold, iron, and sew the edges of 3 sides of your two pieces at 1/4 of an inch.  Leave the side open/raw.

Next, on both the front and back piece, measure 2 ½'' from the top of the raw side and mark with a pen. Fold down ½ inch, press another 2'' to meet that pen mark you made.  Pin the piece down, and then sew it across the  backpack to create the casing that your cording will be placed in.
Next, pin the right sides together of the backpack, and sew the sides and bottom together and turn right side out.  MAKE sure not to sew your casing area closed!  It will be very hard to get your cording in!!!
 Tie the ends of each of the cords in a knot to prevent from fraying.  Then use a safety pin to thread through the casing.  

The first cord will start and end on the right side, and the second cord should start and end on the left side.
 Next, turn your bag inside out, and use your seam ripper to open up the corner.  
 From the inside of the bag, pull that sides cord through a small amount.
 Then sew the cords in place thoroughly, as this will be a stress point for the bag.
 Flip that backpack right side out one more time, and check out your fabulous work!

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  1. I love these bags. They are so handy. Great job!

  2. Just made one for my daughter to take to camp. Took less than an hour! I am pleased with how it turned out. Thanks!

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