Monday, December 19, 2011

Manic Monday Recipe~ (Holiday) Baking Tips

Can you tell that I did some major baking from the picture below?  Lucky me, I get to do it all over today at my parents house! Anyway, I wanted to share some of ideas that I do to make my life easier when baking.  Hope these tips help you in the crazy rush to get everything done.  

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When making dough, I sometimes make it a few days early.  That way I can get a little done here and there.  Even if I am not pre-making the dough, I always wrap my dough in fist sized balls.  This way, if the dough needs to be chilled for best results, you are keeping it cold while rolling out the others.  It also prevents your dough from getting hair or dust in it.

 When rolling out my dough, rather than getting flour all over you and your kitchen, I use wax paper or plastic wrap.  I prefer to use wax paper.  To get the cookies up from the paper, I use a metal spatula and spray a little canola oil or vegetable oil on it. 

Another thing that makes my life easier is using a baby spoon to spread my royal icing onto my cookies.  It seems to be the perfect amount of icing, and is small enough to get the little pieces that stick out.  

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