Monday, October 17, 2011

Art Smock/Apron Tutorial

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I couldn't wait to post this tutorial!  I got the inspiration from Megan + Andy.  Our friends' daughter was turning two this past week and was having a birthday party.  I knew I wanted to do a big box of art supplies, and with that a sort of art smock/apron.  Here's what I put into the box...
Homemade Play dough (click for tutorial)
Watercolor Paint
Coloring Book
Marker and Paint Pad
Homemade Crayons (tutorial coming soon)
Art Smock/Apron

Make sure to check out the apron tutorial below, It was my second REAL sewing project, and I must say I was pretty proud of myself!  Bear with me on the instructions I was in "wing it" mode! Let me know if you have any questions and I will answer as best I can.
Here's how the apron turned out...

Sewing Materials (matching thread, needles, pins, ruler, etc.)
Craft Paper
1 Yard of fabric for main section
11 x 6 in Piece of fabric for the pocket + a piece that measures 2 x17 in. for the neck strap
1 Pkg. Bias Tape (I used single, but double is easier to use)
Fray Check

I started by ironing all of my fabric.  The best way to cut and sew is when you have wrinkle free fabric.
Then, I cut my craft paper to a piece that measured 20 x 12 in.
Next, I took a large bowl and used it to create the arm/chest area.  I made the top of the apron 7 inches in length.

Once I had my pattern cut, I cut my fabric out.  (Next time, I will be adding a second layer to the apron, but here is where you would cut the exact same pattern for the back piece.)
Next, I cut my pocket piece to measure 11 x 6 in, and folded each side length wise about 1/4 inch in.  Then I ironed the fold down to help me sew.

 Once you have ironed each fold down, sew down the fold of one side with a straight stitch.

 When pinning and sewing your bias tape, do the top and bottom, then both sides, followed by the arms.  When you cut the last two pieces for the arm area, leave it long so that you have the ties for the back of your apron. (See third photo below.) Before securing your bias tape with the second  stitch, add your pocket by pinning it under your bias tape.  
Once all of your bias tape is sewn to your apron, make sure to stitch the bottom of your pocket closed.  I used the zig-zag stitch to make sure that it had strength.

 Then cut your neck piece.  I made the length about 17 x 2 in.  If you are making this for your child, you can measure around his/her neck to find the appropriate length.  After it's cut, you will fold it in half length wise, inside out, and the iron it.      
 Next, sew it about 1/4in from the edge in a straight stitch.  Then, flip it inside out by using a long dowel or paint brush. (Check out how I did this on my pacifier clip tutorial)
 Then re-iron it down so that your seam is along the side of the piece.
 Once your neck piece is ironed, make two straight stitches down each side.
 Add some fray check to the edge of each end, to ensure that your fabric holds.
 Sew your neck piece to the back of your apron.  Secure it by sewing it in both directions. See the seam on the right side how it doesn't go all the way down?  It will, you'll want to finish that all the way down the the tie part.

 Next, sew your pocket compartments.  Since my pocket was 11 inches in length, I sewed the two outside pockets 3 1/2 inches from the edge, making the inside pocket 4 inches.

Check out this tutorial to see how I personalized the apron.

Ahh, that took a long time to explain!  Did it all make sense? Here's my final product.
 I hope this showed how simple it can be to make a personalized apron for a kiddo!  

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  1. What a sweet gift~ Love that you gave her art supplies plus the personalized apron! So fun! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next.
    Hope you stop by and enter my giveaway for a chance to win up to $100 in mdf craft goodies @

  2. Beautiful apron! The pink is gorgeous! Well done

  3. This is so cute! If you get a chance, I'd love to have you link up! Thanks for sharing!

  4. So cute i LOVE the colors on the apron! i'm a new follower i'd love if you'd follow back!!

  5. this is cute! I feel like I could make it! I don't have kiddos yet but I love collecting ideas for when I do!

  6. Colour selection is really perfect and I adore your work. I am just going to buy it, but you save my money. Can 't wait to make one for myself.


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