Friday, October 7, 2011

Hot Deals on Zulily Right Now

Save up to 70% for moms, babies and kids

Check out Zulily's Daily Deals right now.  Make sure to get $5 Off $50, by using the code GA4756.

Here's a list of today's promotions!
Petite Palace - up to 50% off | Event ends 10/10 - Scrumptious flavors. Exclusive to zulily, Petite Palace mixes color, comfiness and creativity for little polka-dotted princes and princesses.

Halo - up to 50% off | Event ends 10/10 - Safely sacked out. Trusted by hospitals and parents alike, Halo's snuggly SleepSacks keep newborns safe and sound while they slumber.

Apple Bottoms - over 60% off | Event ends 10/10 - Walking into Nellyville. Created by multi-platinum rapper Nelly, Apple Bottom boots will have girls of all ages topping the charts of fashionable footwear.

Wild Mango Clothing Co. - up to 45% off | Event ends 10/10 - A refreshing change. When you blend tangy colors, cotton fabrics and whimsical designs, you get a fashionable fusion of fun kids' clothing called Wild Mango.

66° North - up to 60% off | Event ends 10/10 - Fire and ice. Iceland knows about cold weather, it's in their name. So you can rest assured this Icelandic brand of women's and kids' outerwear will keep you both toasty this winter.

University Games - up to 60% off | Event ends 10/10 - An entertaining alma mater. From card games and wooden puzzles to bowling zombies and iPod music quizzes, there's something for family night here!

White Mountain - up to 60% off | Event ends 10/10 - Scale mountains of style. Select the statement you want to make from this collection of boots, loafers and flats for everyday wear.

Klassy Kouture - up to 60% off | Event ends 10/10 - The frill of it all. Who says you can't put a tutu on everything? These tutu bodysuits, tops and headbands are just the beginning of the tutu revolution.

Dolce Mia Designs - Up to 50% off | Event ends 10/10 - Time flies: keep track. Baby books, growth charts, clocks and photo albums make every memory last.

Ashmore Carey - up to 50% off | Event ends 10/9 - A little birdy told her. These pastel tees, pants, wraps and jackets for girls are made from super-soft bamboo and organic cotton, and ready to be shown off.

Animal Buddies: Hats & Packs - over 40% off | Event ends 10/10 - Wild about winter. When it's too cold for the jungle gym and monkey bars, these plush animal-capped hats, mittens and backpacks will help tame the weather.

Sprouts - up to 75% off | Event ends 10/10 - Oodles of poodles. Cute cat tees, poodle skirts, ruffle-necked tanks, feathered beanies, there has never been a better time to be a girl!

Cutie Pie Kid Couture - from $9.99 | Event ends 10/10 - Make it a magical day. Let her be the star of her own fairytale with these floral headbands, bows and princess crowns.

The Learning Journey - from $9.99 | Event ends 10/10 - Puzzle it out. Giant, double-sided, four-in-one, wooden: we've got jigsaws of all kinds, plus bingo games and lacing cards to develop their skills.

go-go babyz - over 40% off | Event ends 10/10 - A true carry-all. The innovative Sidekick can be used exclusively for infant essentials or as both a baby carrier and bag.

Acoustic - up to 55% off | Event ends 10/10 - Loud and clear. Inspired by the musicians and styles of yesteryear, these infant and toddler mix-and-match pieces will have your little stars rockin' the fashion scene.

Choose Your Own Adventure - up to 50% off | Event ends 10/10 - A classic is back! Your reader controls the plot of these rollicking books with unlimited endings. Retro and modern titles both!

PureLime - up to 45% off | Event ends 10/10 - The way better sweater. Shop for girls' stylish fall wear with this huge selection of shawls, cardigans and hooded boleros.

For Two Fitness - up to 50% off | Event ends 10/10 - Bring your bun to the gym. The proven benefits of prenatal exercise are reason enough to work out during pregnancy. But these adorable fitness separates for moms-to-be are the best motivators you could hope for.

Mom & Co. - up to 50% off | Event ends 10/10 - Sweet, soft support.You deserve the best during your maternity and nursing months. That's why these nursing bras and maternity thongs are built with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Body Up - up to 50% off | Event ends 10/10 - A stronger, faster you. Body Up fitness apparel was created to motivate and empower you from aerobics to Zumba.

Bloom - up to 60% off | Event ends 10/10 - Spectacular sweaters. Chilly days are a little more bearable when they mean showing off a stylish new Bloom sweater.

Room It Up - up to 55% off | Event ends 10/10 - Outer beauty, inner everything. With so many ways to tote your things, why choose just one? Over-the-door organizers, cozy robes and way more too! 


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