Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Decorated Onsies

Every month I take a photo of Elle next to a paper that I decorate that indicates what month she is.  

I wanted to do something fun for a friend of mine that was pregnant at the time.  So I decided to make some onesies with the number of the month on the front.  Here are some of my favorites.

I knew I could cut out numbers with my Cricut Machine, but didn't know if I could cut fabric or not.  So I went to youtube to see if there were any videos on doing this.  I found this video, and it was very helpful.  
Here are the instructions that The Scrap Review shares.
Cricut Machine/Cricut Cartridge
Steam-A Seam 2
Iron/Ironing Board
Painters Tape (Make sure you have enough!  The hubby had to do a late night run to Walmart!!

1.) Cut your fabric to the size that your project requires.
2.) Iron on your Steam-A-Steam to the back of your fabrics. Keep the other side of the paper on.
3.) Load your cartridge, and then you'll put your fabric face down on the Cricut mat.  Make sure to press down so it is securely on the mat.  In the video she shares that you need to only put the painters tape around the edges, but when I was doing the numbers, I had to cover the entire piece of fabric in painters tape.  Because I was doing small numbers, it didn't work as well as the cupcake she showed.  
**Make sure that if you are cutting numbers/letters that you use the flip button so they aren't backwards!  If you are cutting out basic shapes like a flower or cupcake you don't need to do this.**
4.)  Pressure settings:  Dial on the blade: 6 and the knob on the side of the Cricut should be set to high.
5.)  Size: For this particular project, I used 2 inches. 
6.)  Speed:  I used the medium speed.
7.)  Load your mat.
7.)  Select what you want to cut out and hit the cut button.
8.)  Once the Cricut has finished, unload your mat.  Then peal off your fabric.
9.)  Then peal the paper/tape off of the fabric shape and place the fabric onto a onesie.  Then iron the fabrics.

If you don't have a Cricut, don't fret!  You can always get some InkJet Transfer Paper that you can print from your computer and iron onto your items!

Talking with friends, we have come up with many other ways of using the Cricut to cut out fabric.  Some of the ideas we came up with are using canvas bags to decorate for groceries, teachers, friends, Halloween bags and many others.  We also thought of buying aprons and putting someones initials on them, making t-shirts and blankets.  What are some of your ideas?  Please share!  

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