Monday, September 27, 2010

Manic Monday Recipe ~ Death By Chocolate

Family Size Box of Brownies (Cook using ingredients and directions on the box)
2 Small packages of instant chocolate pudding
3 Cups of Milk
8 oz or 12 oz of Cool Whip
Trifle Bowl

1. Make a family size box of brownies.
2. Mix 2 small packages of instant chocolate pudding with 3 cups milk.
3. Fold in 8 oz (or 12 oz depending on the size of your serving bowl) of Cool Whip. Set aside and save enough cool whip for a thin layer at very top.
4. Cut brownies into pieces and layer in bottom of bowl.
5. Add a layer of pudding/cool whip mixture.
6. If desired, toss in a handful of chocolate chips or pieces of a heath bar.
7. Add another layer of brownies.
8. Add another layer of pudding/cool whip mixture.
9. Continue with the layers until you're bowl is almost full or you are out of ingredients.
10. Spread out the remaining cool whip (just cool whip) that you set aside.
11. Sprinkle chocolate chips, heath bar, caramel sprinkle, etc. on top for decoration.

This is such a great and easy desert to take to a party.  Enjoy!

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