Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scrapbook Saturday~Estelle's 1st Birthday

This week I wanted to share the birthday pages that I did for Elle.  Because we live so far from family, we had them visit us at different times. So, our little lady got 3 birthday cakes!  I wanted to be able to showcase all the different cakes.  I found this great website called Lauren's Creative.  She's got a lot of great ideas for scrapbooks, cards, and other crafts.  This is where I got the idea for the first part of her birthday pages.  

The recipes were from Wholesome Baby Food.  I made both the Apple Swirl Cake and Vanilla Swirl Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting.  They were both delicious.  I actually love making the apple cake like a coffee cake for breakfast, and I will definitely be using the Cream Cheese Frosting recipe again!

 Here's how it turned out...(keep scrolling down for the second part).

Cricut Doodle Charms Paper
ColorBok Textured Cardstock (Walmart)
ColorBok Metal Dots (JoAnn Fabric, bought about 4 years ago for my wedding)

Then I wanted to create another page that showed her opening presents and in her birthday outfit that I made for her.  


ColorBok Textured Cardstock (Walmart)
Paper by the Sheet from Hobby Lobby

Hope your all having a great weekend!  We just finished up with our garage sale, now it's time to relax!  

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