Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book Corner Canvas Decor!


I knew I wanted to add a little something above the bookshelves that we made for Elle's room, and came up with this idea.

4 Canvas Wrapped Frames
Foam Brush


 Paint the canvas your desired color.  I did a very light layer, I wanted the white to show through a little.

 Cut out your word, and then ModPodge it to the dried canvas.

 Allow each canvas to dry, and repeat the ModPodge a couple of times.

This is a super easy and quick way to decorate a blank wall.

Elle reading before bedtime!

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  1. Just found your site via the C.R.A.F.T. link up! I'm now following you! Love your creative ideas!

  2. What an adorable corner! The look on Elle's face is priceless!

  3. super cute! love that little reading nook. :)
    thanks for the nice comment on my 4th of july craft.. sorry i'm behind on my replys but i grabbed a button so i can remember to link up to your party THIS week. i'm a follower as well! great combo of stuff you post. :)

  4. Very cute--works great in that space!

  5. very cute....if only i could get my little one to sit still long enough to read....:) thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi, Laura! I was looking on your site for an email address, but I couldn't find it. So, I thought I'd comment. I am featuring a link to this post on my blog-My Favorite Finds. Every Friday, I link to my favorite ideas of the week, and yours is one of them-it's also one I'm going to try myself! Thanks for having a great blog. Feel free to check out my site tomorrow to see your link!


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