Friday, June 10, 2011

Flower Coffee Filter Embellishments

So a while back, when I made my coffee filter wreath, I began to think about how gorgeous these flimsy little papers were.  So I decided to make a flower embellishment using the same technique I used for the wreath.  Here's how it turned out!  I absolutely love it.  To make this package look pretty, I used a brown wrapping paper and some pretty ribbon, then I added the coffee filter flower.

Coffee Filters
Glue Gun

Start by stapling center together on 8-10 filters.
 Next, scrunch the center of one filter and put a bunch of hot glue in the center.
Glue the stapled filters down in circles.  (There is a picture in the following tutorial.)

Then, I remembered how I would have my kindergartners/pre-schoolers use filters for art projects and how cool they were when they were painted.  So I decided to get out the food coloring and here's what I came up with.

Food Coloring
Coffee Filters
Glue Gun

Start by mixing water and some food coloring in a bowl.  (I used an old Cool Whip container)
Dip the edges of your coffee filter into the mixture.  Make sure you have a safe place to set your filters so that they don't bleed on anything important.
Continue to dip about 10 coffee filters.
 Once the filters are dry staple the centers of the filters.  Then add glue to the flat base filter.   
 Begin gluing the filters in a circular fashion until you can no longer see the base and staples.
 And viola!

I'd love to see what you use these flower embellishments for!

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