Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making a TuTu, Decorated Onesie, and Pacifier Clip

Wow, I can't believe that I forgot to post this!  I made this for Elle a few months ago, using MomDot's tutorial.  It is a super easy tutu, that looks so adorable.  I even made another one for Elle's Christmas photo. 


Colored Tulle (about the width of 6 inches, if you get it from the bolt, you'll have to cut it down.)
Measuring Tape
Needle and Thread/Sewing Machine

Begin by determining how much elastic you will need. Instead of measuring Elle's Belly, I just took a pair of her pants and measured the front and doubled it.  It's currently 18 inches (9 Months Clothing).  Next, cut the elastic to the size waist band that you need adding about a half an inch so that you have a little extra to sew the edges. 

Next, sew your to ends together creating a seam.  Make sure to go back and forth over the edges to ensure strength. 
Then take your child's pants again and measure the length of the leg.  I cut my tulle 24 inches.  This way, when I do the tying of the knots, the length will be cut in half to 12 inches.  Cut about 20 yards worth of tulle strips. 

Then, decide how you want to design your colors.  For example, on the pink one I did pink and white ever other.  On the red tu tu, I threw in a white piece of tulle on every fifth knot.
Once you have all of your tulle cut, take one piece and gather it in the middle by folding the piece in half.  Then use a slip knot to secure your tulle around the elastic.  (In momdot's tutorial she suggested putting your elastic around something that would pull it taught, I had no problem with out putting it around anything.) 

You'll want to keep the knots close together so that your tu tu is full. 
Momdot suggests using a bow to cover the seam of the elastic, but I was able to tie a slip knot over the seam so that it didn't show. 

Pacifier Clip:
Because I wanted to use the fabric so that Elle's clip would match, I made a few adjustments to my tutorial.   Here's what I did...

 I measured the length of the fabric to be about 1 1/2 x 2 inches.  Then I folded over the edges to have clean edges.  Then I used heat and bond to cover one of the folds.Then I ironed the adhesive and then folded the other edge over it and ironed.
 I did the same thing with the end for the side that had the clip.
 Rather than using Velcro like I normally do, I decided to try the snap and eylete instead.  Sometimes I feel like the Velcro can get too dirty and it can peal off if you don't have it sewn well enough.

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