Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Decor Using Cranberries

Here is an easy way to dress up a mantle, kitchen table, or counter.  This is one of my favorite holiday decorations to make.  Super easy and cheap!  I got this idea a long time ago from a neighborhood friend Cathy.

Mason Jars (I used my grandmother's Ball Mason Jars that have a blue heu to them.)
Bag of Cranberries
Cinnimon Sticks
Pieces of Pine Tree (I don't have any in my new yard, so I omitted these, it just adds another touch of color)
Votive Candles

Fill the jar to the neck with cranberries, and then fill with water to the same level.  Then, stick about 3-4 cinnimon sticks (and pine tree) around so that you can see them through the jar.  Next, place a small votive candle on the top and you're finished!  I like to put my jars in the refridgerator at night, so they last longer.

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