Friday, August 26, 2011

Do you Pin?

Follow Me on Pinterest

Alright, I bit the bullet a few weeks ago and started on Pinterest.  Now it's an obsession.  I absolutely love it. It's a bookmarking tool that saves all of your "pins" to your boards.  You categorize your boards by themes.  For example, one of my boards is "Kiddos."  Then when I find something I want to try with Elle, I pin it to that board.  Easy as pie! Check out my Pinterest page here, and click the follow button so you can see what I'm pinning!

Happy pinning!


  1. Following you on Pinterest! It's addicting isn't it?

  2. So funny, I just posted a Pinterest post myself on my blog. It is so addicting. I can see why everyone is writing about it!

  3. I just followed you!

    I am addicted, too. I joined in May & just reached 2000 pins. I love Pinterest!!


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