Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Couponing Advice

I wanted to share a little more information on how I organize my coupons and save money. 
First, I have created a coupon binder that makes it super easy to find exactly what I am looking for.  To print out your own Laugh, Love, and Craft Coupon Binder go here.

Once I had all of my coupons in order, I was able to use my coupons more efficiently.  Some people like to use baseball card holders to organize each coupon they have.  Especially if you have more than one specific coupon, this helps.  I also have a small scissors and pen inside of my binder.  I like to keep my current ads and coupon inserts inside of the binder, you never know what your going to find on clearance!

Each week, I like to create a weekly menu for our dinners. Some people like to plan out lunches too, but dinners are the big meal in our house.  We like to usually do leftovers for lunch.  I plan using this menu outline.  Here is an example of a weekly menu of mine:

I use the weekly grocery store ads in conjunction with my coupons to plan out my menu.  This way I am planning around the deals that I can find.  I also like to look at what I already have in stock! 

Once I have planned the menu, I get out my grocery list.  I use this outline so that all of my foods are catergorized.  Then I add the coupons that I have on the right of the item.  For example, if I have two $0.50 coupons, I will write 2 x .50.  This way I have it written down what coupons I have, which helps me keep track at the register.  The cashiers and computers can make mistakes, so watch your coupons carefully!

Let me know if you use these guides to help your family save money or stay organized.  Remember to check out my other tips on my Coupon Page.

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