Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Fools Day Pranks

Here is a list of some great ideas for pranking your family and friends on Friday.

Silly April Fools cupcakes – Several cupcake that are made to look like food or our not even cupcakes at all!
 Faux grilled cheese– A dessert made to look like a grilled cheese sandwich.
Baked potato sundae’s– This is a dessert made to look like a baked potato.
Meatball suckers – An opposite dinner that looks like dessert and dessert that looks like dinner.
Fake Parking Ticket  – Several fun practical joke ideas that make pranks fun!
Pranks from Family Fun– You’ll find a ton of creative pranks.
Fake letter to child’s teacher – Write a fake letter to your child’s teacher and fool them as well on this fun day.
Pranks from Martha Stewart  – The queen of craft has several tutorials and great ideas on how to make April Fools Day even more fun.
Switch out food in wrappers in your child’s lunch.
Switch out drawers in dresser.
Put salt on toothpaste.
Switch out cereal in cereal boxes for breakfast.

Thanks for compiling this list Tip Junkie!

I'd love to hear what pranks you plan to pull or have pulled in the past.  Leave a comment below!


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