Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free Pumpkin Patterns

I love carving pumpkins, but somehow mine always turn out a little busted!  
You can also visit the Nestle Juicy Juice site for some helpful tips on carving your Pumpkin HERE.
Martha Stewart – 46 different templates from Martha.
Better Homes & Gardens – animals, spooky scenes, faces and more.

Hershey’s – A variety of templates categorized by difficulty level.

Pumpkin Masters – Four free patterns – A unique collection of easy and advanced stencils.

Betty Crocker Templates – Monster Cereal characters – Count Chocula,  Franken Berry 

Reader’s Digest – 12 basic patterns
Disney Family Fun- Family friendly patterns

HGTV (Beginner) - 8 beginner templates

HGTV (Advanced) - 11 advanced carving templates

Nick Jr.- Pablo & Uniqua from Backyardigans- (-Thanks Allison!)

Thanks for the list of patterns, Prudent Patron!

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