Friday, October 22, 2010

Designer Clipboards!

Alright, it's true, I have an obsession with clipboards.  I use them everywhere!  I especially loved using them in the classroom to stay organized.  This would be a great gift for a teacher for the holidays with some cool pencils/pens/paper!  I was looking around the internet and found a fabulous craft website called How Does She?  So here's my take on the fabulous clipboard idea!

First I chose my paper and then measured each out.  Most clipboards are 9 x 12 1/4.   
Then I measured the cut out for the clip area and cut it out.  Once that was finished, I took
ModPodge and painted it all over the clipboard. Then, I placed the paper on  top of the glue.  I then used a ruler to help push out all of the air bubbles.  Once that was almost dry, I painted a top coat of ModPodge over the paper to give it a nice finish that would be more durable.   

Because the paper wasn't long enough for the clipboard I knew I had to think of something.  I liked the look of using paper, but I thought ribbon would be nice.  So I took Fabri-Tac (glue that can be used on fabric and wood), and glued ribbon down along the base.
Once everything was dry, I took a piece of sand paper and cleaned up the edges.  Then, I took an ink pad and rubbed it around the edges to give it a more rustic look. Her are the final products. 


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