Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY~ Summer Wreath

 I've always loved the yarn wrapped wreath look, but I found a new way to jazz it up a bit thanks to The 36th Avenue Blog.  She added pearl head pins to add a special touch.  I loved it!  So I decided to create one with vibrant summer colors using that same idea. Hope it inspires you to create a new look for your front door!

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Wreath Materials:
Wreath Form
Fabric Circles in Various sizes and colors
Ribbon to hang wreath

Wrap the wreath with your yarn.  It is okay to go over the same spot if you get gaps, just keep the yarn taught so that it doesn't get all bumpy.  The yarn will smooth out and find crevices to sit in.

Once you have your yarn wrapped, add pins sporadically.

To create your flower, fold your circle in half twice, so that you have a triangular shape.  Fluff the opening a bit, and use a stick pin to stick into the wreath form.  Just repeat that process a few times to create the desired flower.

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  1. So cute! I love how the pink pops!

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