Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scrapbook Saturday, Baby Footprints

I love this quote don't you?  It's so fitting.
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Happy Saturday!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.  I'm gearing up to spend the day outside with family and friends and can't wait!  
I knew I wanted a page that really focused on Estelle's little toes, so I didn't add too many embellishments.  (I took a few pieces of paper to the hospital in different colors and asked the nurse to put her foot prints on each one.  Can you say indecisive?!)  Anyway, here's the instructions on the page.

Printer Paper/Computer
Overlay Acid Free Scrapbook Paper (a see through cloudy sheet)

For the quote, I printed it on regular printer paper, then put used the Elmer's glue stick to adhere the overlay to the paper.  It dries clear so you can't see the glue.  

Then, I used Elmer's Glue spots to adhere the quote and footprint paper.

Next, I glued a 12 in. strip of the polka dot ribbon across the bottom of the paper.  Then I cut a 4 in. piece of ribbon and glued it into a circle (end to end).  Once that dried, I glued it down in the center.  Then, I glued an inch piece of ribbon around the center to finish the bow.  I placed the bow where I wanted it to be on the scrapbook page.  

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