Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm on a bow making binge!

I've been creating bows like a maniac lately.  My craft room looks like it threw up ribbon, bows, fabric, and felt!

Anyway, here are some of my newest creations.  Each one of them is for sale in my Etsy Shop I am going to do a quick explanation of how I made each.  Let me know if you need more instructions.  I'd love to hear what you think and how yours turn out. 

Make sure to check out my Share the Wealth Wednesday Link Party.  Check it out even if you're just an at home crafter and not a blogger, this is a great way to find inspiration.  Just click on the links and it will take you to some great tutorials.  Here's the link from last weeks party.

Enjoy the bows!
 For this flower, I cut a felt circle and then cut a spiral all the way to the center.  Then I just kept wrapping the piece around itself. 
 For this flower and the following flower, I just cut a long piece of felt.  Then I folded it in a half (hot dog style) and wrapped it around itself, gluing every so often.

 This flower, I used the loop technique that I used for the bunny bow.  Then I just glued each piece onto a felt circle.  For the center, I took two strands of leather and tied them in a not.  Then I trimmed the excess and glued it underneath the knot.
 For this flower, I just cut a bunch of circles out of felt.  Then I folded them in half (glued) and folded them in half again and glued.  Then glued them down to a felt circle.
 For this and the next bow, all I did was glue a circle out of ribbon.  Then I glued the center of the ribbon down.  Next, I wrapped a short piece of ribbon around the glued area creating the center of the bow.

 For the last bow, I took two pieces of 1/4 in. green ribbon, and one piece of 1/8 in. ribbon and braided them.  Then I glued the knot down to a circle piece of felt and wrapped the braided part around the knot, gluing every so often.

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