Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Make This EASY Wreath!

I had a new wreath form that I planned on using to make this wreath in holiday colors, but never got around to it, story of my life! ;)  So I decided to try using some fabric to decorate the foam ring.  I love this idea because I can reuse the ring when I'm tired of this version!  Also, all of the fabric that I used on this was from the clearance bin at the fabric store, and the green ribbon was, wait for it, from the Williams-Sonoma Gifts from our Wedding, 3.5 years ago!  Nick wanted me to throw it out, but I knew I'd use it!  

Fabric in about 2-3 inch strips
Foam Ring
Sewing Pins
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbon/Fabric (for the flowers)
Begin by taking your strip of fabric and pinning it in place.
 Then, wrap the fabric around the foam ring,  I liked the frayed edge showing.  If you are not using a cloth with a frayed edge, I would suggest using a ribbon so that your edges are clean.  
 Once finished wrapping, pin the last piece of the fabric down.
To make the flowers, find two small circles that you can trace in different sizes.  I used two different ribbon spools.  Then cut out the circles.
 Next, glue the tip of your fabric/ribbon in the center of the felt circle.
 Then begin to twist the fabric and glue it down in a circular motion.  Careful with the glue, It's easy to stick your fingers in the glue.

 Once finished gluing, you may need to trim the edges of the felt, and snip off the end of the fabric/ribbon.
 Then I took a sewing pin, and stuck it in the middle of the flower.  This made a center to the flower, and  an easy way of connecting it to the wreath.
 Once you have both flowers pinned onto the wreath, take your second piece of ribbon, and fold it in half and pin it in place at the top center of the wreath.  I used four pins to secure the ribbon because I am using my wreath outdoors.

 Next, tie your bow and hang it up to enjoy!  

I'd love to see your versions!  Leave some comments/pictures!

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