Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elle's Birthday Party Invites

I am so excited to be working on my little lady's 2nd birthday party.  I found the zebra print and pink them on Pinterest and fell in love. Because I like to be a little different, I wanted to do either Tiffany blue or purple.  I finally decide to use Tiffany blue.  

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Tiffany Blue Card Stock
Zebra Print Book Marks (Hobby Lobby, perfect so I didn't have to cut the strips!)
Number Cut Out
Circular Cut Outs
Foam Glue Squares


Start by printing your message on your paper then cut it down to the size of your envelopes.
Adhere the book mark to the side of your invite.

Glue your circles together and then add the number.

 Adhere the circle above the book mark where the free space is using the foam glue squares.

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  2. Elle's Birthday Party Invites are a delightful glimpse into a world of fun and celebration. The anticipation builds as the vibrant colors and playful design of the invitations set the tone for an exciting event. It's a testament to Elle's creativity and style, promising an unforgettable birthday celebration that's sure to leave everyone with cherished memories. 🎉🎂✨


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